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Cypress furniture and lattice are available online for purchasing, don't forget about the flowers, shrubs, herbs, hydroponic lettuce and bulk mail. See more below>>

  • Cypress Furniture

    Cypress Furniture

    All furniture is ready to assemble and boxed for easy shipment. A $10.00 charge is applied for all furniture that is assembled, except gliders which come assembled and are non-s... $55.00 Select Options
  • Lattice Work

    Lattice Work

    *Must be picked up in store. NO DELIVERIES. Survey stakes upon request Also available: lathe, U channel, H channel, caps upon request Please call 251-470-0821 to order lattic... $980.00 Select Options


 Lattice Products

Price   QTY/Pack   Price/Pack
Garden Lattice (2.5" diagonal opening)
2'X8'   $12.50   80    $1,000
4'X8'   $24.50    40    $980

Privacy Lattice (1.75" diagonal opening)
2'X8'    $14.50   80    $1160
4'X6'    $24.50   40    $980
4'X8'    $29.00   40    $1160

Historic Square Lattice (1.5" square opening)
2'X8'    $15.50    80    $1240                                                                                                                             4'X8'    $31.00    40    $1240

Large Square Historic (4.5" square opening)                                                                                                                                                                     4' X 8'   $27.50    

Survey stakes  upon request

Also available: lathe, U channel, H channel, caps upon request

Please call 251-459-6356 to order lattice products.

Click here to download a PDF of the assembly care instructions for all of our Mobile Arc products.

Click here to download a PDF of cypress product care and maintenance.

Mobile Arc Enterprises - Southern Division - Greenhouse

The Mobile Arc grows Bibb lettuce and microgreens in our hydroponic greenhouse, as well as other vegetables and herbs grown in our gardens, which we sell to the public, restaurants, and vendors in our community.  Our greenhouse products have a high nutritional value and are pesticide-free.  Please call 251-957-2118 about our beautiful flowers, hydroponic lettuce, shrubs, and herbs. 
Visit our Southern Facility


Mobile Arc Enterprises - Central Division - Bulk Mail

Call Ginger Druhan at 251-459-6358 for prices or visit our Downtown Facility